BlueMantle Publishing

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BlueMantle offers two services:

  • Collaborative Book Publishing
  • Website Design, Construction, and Consultation

Collaborative Book Publishing

If you are well-positioned to promote your own work through academic exposure, speaking engagements, and website and social networking savvy, you may be a candidate for BlueMantle. We are a small publisher, specializing in quality control and basic infrastructure, so that creative writers only have to worry about two things: the creative process and effective self-marketing. Our works are published by Ingrams/Lightning Source, and are available through Ingrams and Amazon.

If, by chance, you have a book that is designed for a small group or your family––such as
a recent book that we published by Andre Evans, the former Commonswealth Attorney of Virginia Beach––we can quote you a fixed price for the project.

Website Design, Construction, and Consultation

BlueMantle offers website design and construction an independent project, or in conjunction with the publication of your books. We approach website design as a unique portrayal of the website owner. Our construction process involves an interview and questionnaire concerning your goals, values, and identity, in an attempt to facilitate your constructive "branding." See a
description of our basic website.

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